Nossa Política de Privacidade

Last Updated: janeiro 18, 2021

Privacy Policy

Mercado Brazil is concerned with the privacy of its users. We are committed to protecting all personal information made available.

This Privacy Policy describes how and when the Mercado Brazil website will use the information provided by users.

By registering on our website and / or purchasing products, you (“you”; “you”; “customer”; “consumer”; “user”) consent to the collection, storage, disclosure and other purposes of your information as described in the Privacy Policy.

The information contained in this privacy policy may be changed at any time without notice. If you have any questions or comments about the Privacy Policy, please contact us at [email protected]

  1. Definitions

For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, the following definitions apply:

  • Site / Portal: designates the electronic address,its subdomains and other domains directed to the Mercado Brazil website.
  • Clients / Visitors / Users: legally constituted natural or legal persons who visit and / or register on the Mercado Brazil website.
  • Cookies: small text files sent by the Portal server to the users’ computer or other Internet access device. It has the purpose of identifying the browser and obtaining access data, storing information or settings, such as browsed pages or clicked links, thus allowing users to customize the navigation of the portal, according to their profile.
  1. Data collection

All information we collect from you on our website will be for the exclusive use of Mercado Brazil. They will be used to: fulfill your order for our products, keep you abreast of any updates related to our website and your subscription, and send information or content you may be interested in. We also use this information to continually improve our services, our website and your shopping experience; for example, producing aggregated statistical analyzes of the characteristics or behavior of our users to measure interest in the products and services made available on the website. The database formed by Mercado Brazil through the collection of information on the website will not be sold, shared, assigned, transferred, informed or rented to third parties.

2.1. Data Encryption

The website uses HTTPS: // protocol to communicate with internet browsers, with a valid digital certificate that ensures our ownership of the website. In addition, the data provided by users (for example, in forms filled with personal data) are encrypted before transmission, preventing them from being “read” when transferring the user’s computer, tablet or cell phone to the Mercado Brazil servers. This way, they are protected against improper reading by unauthorized third parties. Details on the encryption used can be obtained by clicking on the “lock” displayed next to the website address, in your internet browser.

2.2. Personal Information Charter

To purchase any product from Mercado Brazil, you must first register with us. When creating an account on the Mercado Brazil website, you must provide your personal data, address, phone, email, etc. You will also create a password to access the site in future occasions. All such information must be kept by you in a safe place; without them, you will not be able to access your account. You will be responsible for the inappropriate and / or unauthorized use of your username and password. For the purchase of our products, we will request your credit card details, your billing address and delivery address.

You can choose not to provide this information to us; in that case, you can freely browse the site, but you will not be able to place any product orders.

2.3. Information collected automatically

When you visit our website and / or register, we may collect certain information through automated means, such as cookies, web beacons and other automated devices. We may also use website analytics tools provided by third parties (such as Google Analytics and Facebook Insights), which collect information about visitor traffic to the sites.

The information we may collect through automated means includes: information about the devices that our visitors use to access the Internet (such as the IP address and the device, browser, domain names and type of operating system), URLs that direct visitors to our page, dates and times of visit to our site, general geographic location (such as country and city) of visitors, information about actions taken on our site (such as number of page views and site navigation patterns), terms of search that visitors used to reach our site and the page that took them to our site.

Your Internet browser allows you to “turn off” your cookies in the Options or Settings. Some tools you have on your computer, such as antivirus programs, may have similar features at your disposal. However, it is important to know: turning off cookies may change the way you interact with our website, preventing the use of certain features.

  1. Information and storage protection

Mercado Brazil is committed to the security of all information we receive from users. No computer system is 100% safe from intrusion. Even so, Mercado Brazil seeks to protect the confidentiality, security and integrity of the data stored in our system. Mercado Brazil disclaims any liability for any damages and / or losses arising from failures, viruses or invasions of the database and / or website servers, except in cases where fraud or guilt is shown. All information collected will be for the exclusive use of Mercado Brazil.

For the purposes of auditing and preservation of rights, we may keep the record of data and information for each customer for a maximum period of 5 (five) years after the last purchase made. The customer can request the deletion of their data. This will be fulfilled after the statutory statute of limitations period has expired in relation to any legal evidence that may be related to the profile or to purchases made by the customer.

3.1. Your Personal data

The data provided by you on our website will be recorded and stored in our database in an automated manner and without human intervention, so that information that is not necessary to make your purchase on the website will not be stored.

The emails and phones provided by you will be used for contacts regarding purchases made on our website. Occasionally, we will send emails informing current promotions in our store. If you do not want to receive, you can request not to receive the offer messages.

The passwords you provide will be archived in an encrypted manner. Only the person responsible for registering the data (usually you) has access to the password. Therefore, you are entirely responsible for keeping your passwords.

The credit card numbers provided by you will be recorded directly in the cardholder database. Tenants do not have access to this information. Upon receiving the card details, the administrator will verify the transaction online. Once this check is complete, you will be informed if the purchase has been released.

  1. Links to third party websites

This site may have links to other sites that, in the view of Mercado Brazil, may contain useful information for our users. This privacy policy does not apply to third party websites.If you visit another site from ours, you should read its privacy policy. We are not responsible for the privacy policy or the content of third parties.

  1. Sending emails

Mercado Brazil sends e-mails only to users who register on our website or who request contact through social networks. We understand that this constitutes express authorization for receipt. The emails sent by Mercado Brazil serve to notify you about the progress of orders and signal the success of payments. They also serve to offer information and promotions that we find useful for our customers.

Mercado Brazil does not send e-mails to people who have not registered on our website and / or who have not requested any contact or information through our social networks. We do not “spam”.

We do not normally send emails with attached files, unless requested. Most of the time, attachments are read-only and / or PDF files

We never send emails with exe file attachments. If you receive one, know that it was not sent by Mercado Brazil. It is possibly fraudulent or malicious. Avoid opening it without first confirming the sender.

If you don’t want to receive our emails, just click on the unsubscribe link found at the bottom of the message.

  1. Intellectual Property

Unless otherwise specified, all content on the pages of this website, such as information, materials, instruments, page organization, graphics, photos and drawings, belong to Mercado Brazil or to third parties who have ceded their right to use.

This material or any part of it may not be copied, reproduced, distributed, re-published, presented, advertised or transmitted in any way or by any means, including, but not limited to: electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or of any other nature, without prior written permission from Mercado Brazil or the copyright holder.

  1. General provisions, applicable legislation and Forum

The provisions of this Privacy Policy may be updated or modified at any time. With each modification, you will be notified by an email that we will send to your registered address.

Browsing our site means that you are aware of our policies and agree to them. It is your responsibility to keep abreast of our policies. You can claim ignorance of them if you violate any or suffer a consequence of it.